coldzera: "For me, device is the best player of the decade"

00NATION roster member Marcelo "coldzera" David considers Nicolai "device" Reedtz to be the best CS:GO player of the decade. He shared this opinion in a broadcast on his Twitch channel, quotes from which were cited by

The Brazilian singled out the Danish sniper in response to a viewer's request to predict the winner of the player of the decade award, which will be awarded by ESL during the opening ceremony of IEM Rio Major 2022.

For me, device is the best player of the decade. The number of titles is what there is to analyze. In one year, this guy won eleven titles. For me, such an achievement is out of the ordinary. You have to be really good to win eleven titles. The most we won was eight, while they won three more tournaments, the Intel Grand Slam and two Majors in the year. That's a feat.

device won the eleven aforementioned trophies together with Astralis in 2018. The Danish team then also became the champion of the first season of the prestigious Intel Grand Slam award.