WePlay announces fifth season of its academy league

WePlay has announced the fifth season of the league for youth teams. WePlay Academy League Season 5 will take place online from July 25 to August 14.

The league will kick off with a group stage, during which 14 teams will be divided into two groups and will face off in a Round-robin best-of-one format. The winner of each group will advance directly to the playoffs, while teams placed second to fourth will continue to compete in the Gauntlet stage, battling out two more playoff spots.

The league's participants' list has changed from the previous WePlay Academy League season. The upcoming event will feature the recently announced ENCE Academy, who replaced VP.Prodigy.

The teams that will compete in WePlay Academy League Season 5 are as follows:

 NAVI Junior
 Astralis Talent
 Young Ninjas
 fnatic Rising
 BIG Academy
 FURIA Academy
 Team Spirit Academy
 Eternal Fire Academy
 Young Gods
 Apeks Rebels
 OG Academy
 ENCE Academy

Origin: weplayholding.com