trace on possible Astralis reshuffle: "There's not going to be any changes"

In the next few months, the Astralis roster will not undergo any changes and will continue to work in its current form, the team's head coach Martin "trace" Heldt said in an interview with

According to the specialist, the Danes are focused on long-term development, while IEM Cologne 2022, which they finished in 3-4th place, showed that they are on the right track.

I have to be careful what I say now right, that is a tough one. Our goal is of course to be able to contend for a title, and this one we could have made it, we could have beat NAVI I think. We didn't do it but we could have, it was not a total blowout, so with some luck right now we could have beat NAVI, so that's a positive sign.

We could, if we're lucky and we improve in the next months we could take a trophy and of course that's our goal, but let's say we hope that in three months, more than that, we should have a strong team and we'll fix all the things we want to fix. The game is also changing all the time right now with new things, so you have to keep up a lot in the meta, teams are fucking good right now, lot of strong teams, strong players. But no, there's not going to be any changes, no.

trace noted that his team needed time to fully prepare all the maps with the new AWPer Asger "Farlig" Jensen, who joined the squad in the spring of this year.

It's always a long-term project, we're not playing to win the next tournament, we're playing to win, let's say in six months or whatever. It's always a process, even though it's the same story, it takes time to play all the maps perfectly with new players and dynamic. New players of course is not an excuse, but it's just the way it is, and it will take time and we know that. We're hopeful our preparation and practice will show in the next couple of months because that's our goal, and it showed kind of now, so we're working in the right direction.

At the recently concluded IEM Cologne 2022, Astralis won against Complexity, BIG, FURIA, Cloud9 and MOUZ. Having placed 3-4th, the Danes brought home $80,000 from the total prize pool.