s1mple claims IEM Cologne 2022 MVP medal

NAVI's AWPer Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev was named the most valuable player of IEM Cologne 2022. The Ukrainian received the award by HLTV.org despite the loss to FaZe in the grand final of the tournament.

Following the results of the prestigious Cologne event, s1mple averaged a 1.25 rating. At the same time, he finished only three of the fifteen maps played with a rating below 1.0.

The best player title became the 21st in the NAVI sniper's career and the second one this year. This medal also widened the gap between Kostyliev and Nicolai "device" Reedtz in terms of the total number of MVPs earned in the CS:GO pro scene.

IEM Cologne 2022 was held from July 5 to 17. FaZe earned $400,000 from a total prize pool of $1 million.

Origin: twitter.com