Inferno turns out to be the only T-sided map at IEM Cologne 2022

Following the IEM Cologne 2022 group stage, Inferno became the only one of the seven competitive maps on which the attacking side wins more rounds than the defense, shared the statistics via its Twitter account.

According to the data published, in matches on Inferno, the T side wins 54.1% of the rounds, while the CTs turn only 45.9% of the rounds in their favor. The state of affairs is completely different when it comes to such maps as Ancient, Dust2, Mirage, Nuke and Overpass, where the CT side has a winrate ranging from 57.9% to 59.2%, while the T side wins in 40.9%-42.1% of cases.

The IEM Cologne 2022 group stage was held on July 7-10 with sixteen teams taking part. The spots in the playoffs were secured by Astralis, MOUZ, Liquid, Movistar Riders, NAVI and FaZe, who will fight for the title on July 15-17 at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne, Germany.