Study: how different is the level of male and female teams in CS:GO? has conducted a study to find out the difference between the level of play of male and female teams. For comparison, the authors selected Movistar Riders and Nigma Galaxy, who recently won the concurrently held LAN tournaments ESL Challenger Valencia 2022 and ESL Impact Valencia 2022, respectively.

The report contains five statistical parameters that show that the difference between the given teams is far from being significant. The only noticeable lag of Nigma Galaxy is in grenade usage, while Movistar Riders have a slight advantage in various shooting indicators.

Time to kill with assault rifles:

  • Male: 0.468 seconds
  • Female: 0.526 seconds

First bullet accuracy:

  • Male: 55.75%
  • Female: 53.02%

Headshot Percent:

  • Male: 18.9%
  • Female: 17.8%

Grenade Usage (% of total grenades purchased):

  • Male: 81.9%
  • Female: 73.1%

Time to damage with sniper rifles:

  • Male: 0.244 seconds
  • Female: 0.246 seconds

Selected for analysis Nigma Galaxy is currently the strongest women's team in the world, which is backed by its victories at ESL Impact League Season 1 and ESL Impact Valencia 2022. In turn, Movistar Riders, who the women were compared with, hold 13th place in the world rankings.