felps: "Getting to the home Major is the main reason why I continue my career"

In an interview with Dust2.com.br, Brazilian player João "felps" Vasconcellos has spoken about his desire to play at the home major IEM Rio 2022, which will be held next fall. According to the esports athlete, this goal is the main reason for continuing his career after being put on the bench in GODSENT.

I'm close to signing with a new team. <...> Getting to the home Major is the main reason why I continue my career. I will try my best to be among this tournament's participants. The goals at the Major itself do not matter. The most important thing is that later I could proudly say that I took part in a Major in Brazil.

felps also shared his opinion on the significance of a Major. He believes that one Major title is much more important than any other achievements of his career.

Winning a Major would be the perfect ending to my career. It would be hard for players like b1t to understand this motivation because he won a Major on the first try, but for me, kNgV-, HEN1, LUCAS1 and the other guys, it's a special story. I've had enough big wins in my career. I've won ESL One Cologne and other titles, but none of that matters when you don't have the main trophy. Winning a Major is like winning twenty seasons of the ESL Pro League.

During the interview, Vasconcellos confirmed previously appeared in the media information that one of the clubs he is negotiating with is Fluxo. His countrymen Adriano "WOOD7" Cerato, Leonardo "leomonster" Enrique and Lucas "lux" Meneghini are rumored to join this organization along with the Brazilian.

Origin: www.dust2.com.br