PGL CEO: "We are the only tournament organiser that is highly profitable"

In an interview with Esports Insider, PGL CEO Silviu Stroie called his company the only profitable tournament operator in esports. According to the executive, all of PGL's competitors are currently experiencing financial problems.

We are, I strongly believe, and anybody can look into it, the only tournament organiser that is highly profitable, while pretty much everybody else on the market has losses, historical debts, loans and so on. This puts us in a place where we’re, as the Americans say, very agile.

Stroie also shared his opinion about the future of the esports industry. He believes that over time, various companies will merge, following the example of ESL and FACEIT, which did that at the beginning of this year.

There has been this massive consolidation in the esports world and now I don’t think there are more than five big organisers. In his opinion, there are perhaps three to four big names that can deliver large events anywhere in the world – and that number will likely be reduced further. I strongly believe that this consolidation is going to grow even more. My prediction is that by 2025 there are going to be three or four giant groups on a global level. We see the first being formed in Saudi Arabia, we see VSPN in China accumulating a lot of resources. My expectation is that there is going to be at least one or two other giant groups in Europe or North America.

Earlier, the head of PGL shared his expectations for the development of esports tournaments. In his opinion, in the next few years, the number of viewers following a specific esports event can increase up to a billion.