gla1ve wins 1vs3 clutch going 0-14 on scoreboard against BIG at IEM Cologne 2022

Astralis' in-game leader Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander has won a clutch against three BIG players in the Play-In stage match at IEM Cologne 2022. What makes this moment special is the fact that before the clutch, the Dane did not kill anyone and died fourteen times.

The situation happened on Nuke in the last round of the first half with BIG leading 11:3. Left alone, gla1ve managed to first kill one opponent, after which he planted a bomb and dealt with two more players from the German team.

In a post-match interview with, Rossander jokingly compared himself to James Bond (007), but at the same time admitted that going with no kills in fourteen rounds psychologically pressured him.

I try to not think about my score, but of course it is in the back of my head every time I press TAB, you can see that you are James Bond (007) two times. So yeah, that is pretty tough, but I am really glad that I made that clutch, especially because we won 16-14.

Astralis came out on top of BIG 2:1, thus earning a spot in the IEM Cologne 2022 group stage. The next opponent of the Danes will be FURIA, the match against whom will kick off today, July 7, at 13:30 MSK.