tabseN: "If at IEM Cologne 2022 BIG make it to arena matches, we can surprise everyone"

In the press conference ahead of IEM Cologne 2022, BIG's in-game leader Johannes "tabseN" Wodarz shared his expectations for his team's performance at the prestigious tournament. In case of advancing to the playoffs and playing in the arena in front of the German fans, BIG will be able to surprise everyone, the IGL assured in response to a question from a journalist.

The parts quoted are the translation from our Russian website.

Our results over the past month have greatly motivated the team and made us put in even more effort. In this tournament, I prefer to go match by match. First, we need to go through the Play-In stage and then do well in the group stage. If at IEM Cologne 2022 BIG make it to arena matches, we can surprise everyone. We saw how the fans helped Cloud9 win IEM Dallas 2022. The home crowd has helped their favorite players many times. Can't wait to start playing because I have a good feeling about the state of my team right now.

The last time tabseN got up on stage in Cologne was four years ago when BIG managed to reach the final of ESL One Cologne 2018. The esports athlete hopes to repeat this result with his current roster.

I have nothing but good memories of that tournament. It was a dream come true. I hope that with this team we will be able to achieve this as well. These guys deserve to experience such emotions. Any German player dreams of playing in such a cool atmosphere in front of your fans.

BIG start IEM Cologne 2022 from the Play-In stage. Tomorrow, July 5, at 13:40 MSK, the team will face ORDER in their first match at the event.