ESL Challenger Valencia 2022 viewer's guide

ESL Challenger Valencia 2022 will take place on July 1-3 in Valencia, Spain. As part of the tournament, eight teams will compete for a total prize pool of $100,000 and one spot at EPL Conference Season 17.

The participants will start their campaigns from the Double Elimination (GSL) group stage, where the opening matches and the meeting for the first place in the group will be held in a best-of-one format, while the elimination and second-place games will be played as best-of-threes. In the playoffs, the two best teams from each quartet will fight for the trophy in the Single Elimination best-of-three bracket.

The participants' list:

Group A

 FURIA (arT, yuurih, KSCERATO, drop, saffee)
 Outsiders (FL1T, Qikert, Jame, n0rb3r7, fame)
 00NATION (coldzera, try, TACO, latto, dumau)
 Sprout (Spiidi, slaxz-, raalz, Staehr, lauNX)

Group B

 Movistar Riders (mopoz, ALEX, DeathZz, SunPayus, dav1g)
 MIBR (chelo, exit, Tuurtle, JOTA, brnz4n)
 Rare Atom (advent, kaze, JamYoung, Mercury, Moseyuh)
 HUMMER (zqk, SHOOWTiME, ckzao, delboNi, danoco)

The prize money distribution:

1. $50,000 + EPL Conference Season 17 slot
2. $20,000
3-4. $10,000
5-6. $3,000
7-8. $2,000