juanflatroo⁠ hints at ECSTATIC using cheats

Bad News Eagles player Flatron "juanflatroo" Halimi hinted at possible cheating by ECSTATIC on Twitter. After defeating the Danes in the REPUBLEAGUE Season 3 playoffs, the Bosnian wrote that thanks to the game being played on an anti-cheat server, it was significantly different from the previous match between these teams.

I swear it felt like playing a whole different team in an anti-cheat server, thanks to REPUBLEAGUE for making it possible. I think this should concern many tier 2 teams, however we will take the win against ECSTATIC this time, GG's.

ECSTATIC member Dion "FASHR⁠" Derksen responded to Halimi's message, calling such statements unacceptable and urging all professional players to respect each other when there is no clear evidence of cheating.

In response to FASHR⁠'s reproach, the Bad News Eagles⁠ player emphasized that many esports athletes have suspicions of ECSTATIC cheating, but no one has dared to speak about it publicly before.

Ain't nobody judging you directly, but having more than 20-30+ tier 2 players who came to me personally with the same suspicion but didn't have the balls to speak up, i felt like i will talk in the name of everyone. But sure, lets set up a meeting i wanna hear your side of coin.

After a public discussion, juanflatroo⁠ and FASHR⁠ had a "small talk". Soon, the esports athletes tweeted that the conflict was over, but Halimi added that each player has the right to have his suspicions.

Interestingly, REPUBLEAGUE manager also replied to juanflatroo⁠'s tweet. He stated that anti-cheat was used not only during the last meeting between Bad News Eagles and ECSTATIC but also in the previous one, which took place earlier in the tournament.

juanflatroo⁠ is not the first player to publicly draw attention to the possible cheating of ECSTATIC. At the beginning of this year, David "n0rb3r7" Danielyan, who was then representing K23, after losing to the Danes at Funspark ULTI 2021, wrote that they are smarter than Akuma and do not use cheats in matches against top teams.

Origin: twitter.com