MOUZ NXT retain status of WePlay Academy League sole champions

MOUZ NXT have won the WePlay Academy League for the fourth time in a row, thus retaining the status of the sole champions. In the grand final of the fourth season, MOUZ NXT came out on top of BIG Academy.

During WePlay Academy League Season 4, the MOUZ NXT roster took first place in the group stage, after which they started the playoffs with an upset from FURIA Academy, but managed to bounce back from the lower bracket. All three victories in the decisive stage of the tournament were finished in two maps.

The WAL Season 4 playoff results:

The prize money distribution:

1.  MOUZ NXT – $45,000
2.  BIG Academy – $20,000
3.  FURIA Academy – $15,000
4.  fnatic Rising – $8,000
5-6.  Young Ninjas – $4,000
5-6.  Astralis Talent – $4,000
7-8.  OG Academy – $1,500
7-8.  00PROSPECTS – $1,500
9-10.  NAVI Junior – $500
9-10.  Young Gods – $500