American player offers $100 for opponent to throw ESEA league match

The player of the North American team TPG Blue under the nickname Monstar offered the xpLicit roster to forfeit a face-to-face meeting in order to avoid elimination from the regional league ESEA Main Season 40. This was reported by one of xpLicit members on Twitter, which prompted to conduct its investigation.

A recording of a Discord conversation that took place in March 2022, where Monstar offers $100 for the victory of his team, is adduced as evidence. He promised to pay this amount in skins or cash.

Three months ago, right after the conversation, the xpLicit player submitted the recorded evidence to ESEA. Despite the suspicions of attempted cheating by Monstar, the league recommended that the teams play the scheduled match. The meeting went in the favor of TPG Blue.

Once the situation was publicly disclosed, Monstar tweeted that ESEA had conducted its own investigation and confirmed that he was not engaged in the conversation and thus avoided any punishment.

With the help of former teammates and friends of Monstar, confirmed the veracity of his voice on the recording. As part of their investigation, the journalists asked ESEA and the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) to comment on the situation, but have yet to receive a response.