WePlay Academy League Season 4 playoff teams determined

The list of teams to play in the WePlay Academy League Season 4 playoffs has been completed. FURIA Academy and fnatic Rising joined MOUZ NXT and BIG Academy, who had previously made it to the decisive stage of the tournament, having become the winners of the Play-In stage.

Thanks to the successful performance in the group stage, the fnatic academy started the Play-In as a top seed and took over Young Ninjas in the match for the playoff spot. In turn, the FURIA youngsters had two victorious meetings against PROSPECTS and Astralis Talent.

The final Play-In bracket:

The playoffs of the ongoing season of WePlay's league for academies will kick off on June 24 with the upper bracket semifinals, where MOUZ NXT will face FURIA Academy, while BIG Academy will play against fnatic Rising.

The playoff bracket:

The winner of WePlay Academy League Season 4 will claim $45,000 from a total prize pool of $100,000.