FURIA and BIG to play in IEM Dallas 2022 playoffs; Astralis and MOUZ out

On the night of June 1, as part of the IEM Dallas 2022 group stage, FURIA and BIG secured their second consecutive victories and advanced to the playoffs. The matchday also saw Astralis and MOUZ being eliminated from the tournament.

In the Group B upper bracket semifinal, FURIA took over Cloud9 (16:9 on Vertigo and 16:13 on Mirage) and BIG defeated MIBR (22:19 on Mirage and 16:4 on Nuke). On June 2, the winners will face off for the semifinals spot, while the losing teams will continue to fight in the lower bracket of their group.

Astralis, who played in Group A, left the ongoing LAN event after losing to G2 (5:16 on Nuke, 16:10 on Dust2 and 10:16 onVertigo). In turn, MOUZ were knocked out by Vitality (14:16 on Inferno and 7:16 on Mirage).

Current Group A bracket:

Current Group B bracket:

The full schedule, current results and the live stream of IEM Dallas 2022 are available on the event's page on our website via this link.