fer: "Imperial's victory over Cloud9 will for sure go down in history"

Fernando "fer" Alvarenga from Imperial, in a conversation with a journalist from Dust2.com.br, commented on his team's sensational victory over Cloud9 in the fourth round of the Legends Stage at PGL Major Antwerp 2022. He believes that this result will go down in the history of the professional CS:GO scene.

I'm speechless. I'm very happy that we're showing good results even though we haven't been playing together for very long. I'm glad, yet upset that people underestimate us. At the same time, they understand that the Imperial roster has a lot of potential. Thank God, this tournament gives us the opportunity to answer the naysayers. For me and for everyone in the team, it was a success not only on the server but also outside of it. Imperial's victory over Cloud9 will for sure go down in history.

fer also spoke about the importance of a good psychological state. The Brazilian is sure that this is the foundation for winning trophies.

When we created the team, I said that I want to win, but the main thing is to be happy and enjoy what you do. We get exactly that. People think that success brings happiness, but in fact the opposite is true. Success follows happiness. What is success for me? I'm not talking about winning trophies. The competition at the top level of the professional scene today is extremely high, and we are aware of our place among other teams. It is all good as long as you enjoy your work.

The next opponents of Imperial in the PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Legends Stage will be Copenhagen Flames, the match against whom will take place today, May 17, at 20:30 MSK. The winner of the confrontation will receive the ticket to the Major's playoffs, while the losing team will finish its tournament run.

Origin: www.dust2.com.br