Astralis top most popular teams of past RMR tournaments ranking

Analytical service Esports Charts has shared the viewership statistics of the PGL Major Antwerp 2022 RMR tournaments, which took place from April 11 to 24. According to the report, the most popular team among all the events was Astralis, whose matches accumulated 2.28 million hours watched.

In terms of total watch time, the Danish roster found itself to be slightly ahead of NAVI, who generated 2.27 million hours watched. The top five also featured Imperial (1.56 million), who became the only non-European team in the top, as well as Vitality (1.54 million) and FaZe (1.37 million).

The Esports Charts press release also reports that Europe RMR A has become the most popular of all RMR tournaments, with 6.9 million hours watched, followed by the American RMR (5.6 million), Europe RMR B (5.2 million) and Asia-Pacific RMR (309 thousand).

Following the results of the qualifying events for PGL Major Antwerp 2022, 24 teams have secured the tickets to the prestigious event. The Major is set to take place in Antwerp, Belgium from May 9 to 22.