ropz named ESL Pro League Season 15 MVP has awarded Robin "ropz" Kool from FaZe the ESL Pro League Season 15 MVP title. The Estonian esports athlete helped his team win the prestigious tournament and finished it with an individual rating of 1.16.

Throughout the event, Kool played 23 maps, 7 of which he ended with a rating below 1.0. The player's most successful map was Dust2 in the match against against Vitality in the group stage, finishing it with a 2.01 rating.

This MVP award became the second one for ropz in his career. Previously, he received it following the tenth season of the ESL Pro League, which he won alongside MOUZ.

ESL Pro League Season 15 took place from March 9 to April 10. FaZe earned $190,000 from the total prize pool of $823,000.