FaZe, Gambit and Virtus.pro invited to $250,000 tournament

Tournament operator Relog Media has announced the online event named Roobet Cup 2022 with a prize pool of $250,000, which will take place from June 22 to 30. It will feature several tier-1 teams, the most eminent of which are FaZe, Gambit and Virtus.pro.

Out of sixteen participants, at the moment, only seven teams have been confirmed to take part in the event so far: FaZe, Gambit, Virtus.pro, Entropiq, Copenhagen Flames, MOUZ and Imperial.

In the group stage, the teams will be divided into four quartets, competing in the Double Elimination (GSL) best-of-three format. The two strongest rosters from each group will advance to the playoffs, where the champion will be determined in the Single Elimination bracket.

The organizers told HLTV.org that more information about the invited teams and possible qualifiers will be unveiled soon. It was also noted that NIP, Astralis and Heroic are considered to be the "target teams", which they want to see among the other big names featuring the tournament.

The list of confirmed Roobet Cup 2022 participants:

 Copenhagen Flames

Origin: www.hltv.org