NAF: "Liquid is the best team in North America right now, but the things can change"

Keith "NAF" Markovic from Liquid analyzed the current state of the strongest teams in North America at a press conference for the ESL Pro League Season 15 playoff participants. He believes that at present his roster is the leader of the region, but at the same time he admitted that in 2022 this title could apply to another team.

Markovic shared his opinion in response to a request for comment on an earlier statement made by Complexity's AWPer Paytyn "junior" Johnson that Complexity and Liquid are currently the best teams in the region.

The parts quoted are the translation from our Russian website.

Liquid is the only North American team that made it to the playoffs. Evil Geniuses have problems. Like us, this is a new roster that is in search of their game. Complexity have a better teamwork, as the guys there have been playing together for a long time. From the outside, everyone in this team seems to get along easily. I think Liquid are stronger than Complexity, who often make stupid mistakes lacking experience at the tier-1 level. Grim, floppy, junior and FaNg are excellent riflers, so coL have good prospects.

Obviously, Liquid is the best team in North America right now, but the things can change. This question will come up frequently as 2022 goes on and the answer may vary depending on the circumstances.

In the ESL Pro League Season 15 group stage, Liquid took the third place in Group D, which secured them a spot in the Round of 12. The North American team will face Heroic, the match against whom will take place tomorrow, April 6, at 20:00 MSK.