Former ESL head referee unveils three new coaching bug variants

The author of the investigation into the coaching bug, Michal Slowinski, a former ESL head referee, has published three variants of the bug previously unknown to the general public. He shared the information on his Twitter.

Slowinski unveiled new vulnerabilities in the game shortly after the information that the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) intends to punish 52 more coaches for abusing the bug.

The types of the coaching bug that Michal Slowinski found:

1. A coach can move freely around the map as if in NoClip mode. Former Cloud9 coach Soham "valens" Chowdhury is suspected of using it.

2. A coach can watch a teammate from a third person view.

3. The coach's camera is attached to the planted bomb.

The former ESL referee added that after discovering these varients of the bug, he handed out all the information collected to the ESIC and Valve for these companies to take appropriate action. At the same time, Slowinski noted that the Commission considered the third bug to be "minor" and not worth "looking into".

All of the game vulnerabilities listed differ from those, which 27 coaches were banned for in September 2020. Then the bans were issued for the bug where the coach's camera was positioned in one place on the map.

According to a previously published Dexerto's inside, the ongoing ESIC investigation into 52 coaches is about to be completed. The verdict is expected to be reached before May 9, when PGL Major Stockholm 2022 kicks off.