Team Spirit CEO explains move to Belgrade

The head of Team Spirit Nikita Chukalin in a commentary to Escorenews explained the reasons for moving employees and staff of the organization from Moscow to Belgrade. According to him, such a decision is an absolute necessity, and not a desire to cut ties with the Russian-speaking community.

We do organize the bootcamp here as well as the office in Belgrade. This does not mean that we left Russia and slammed out. But such a decision was crucial for our player's and staff's well-being.

There are no national leagues or national teams culture in esports. This is the Internet space, and we gather players to build strong teams no matter the nationality and without a wish to carry any county's flag. We associate ourselves with the whole Russian-speaking society and that will never change. Everyone who rooted for us during all the ups and downs, our true fans means a lot to us. We will go on making content and communicating to the audience in Russian.

Chukalin also noted that the CS:GO roster is already at the bootcamp in the new location. The decision on whether to stay or move, as well as the probable change of citizenship is up to the players.

Earlier today, Team Spirit announced their decision to abandon plans to expand infrastructure in Moscow and focus on relocating to a new office in the capital of Serbia. The reason for this was military action in Ukraine, which impede the normal interaction of the company's work teams.