kennyS: "People think I'll announce my comeback soon, but it's not going to happen"

French esports athlete Kenny "kennyS" Schrub, who has been benched in G2 since March last year, shared his further career plans in an interview to In particular, he noted that the long inactivity contributed to the stabilization of his personal life, and therefore, at the moment, he does not intend to return to the game at a professional level.

I liked being benched, even enjoyed it. Of course, it's also not so great that you are under contract obligations, but business is business. I have been a professional player for 12 years, so the break is good. I got time for taking care of myself, my body, my life, etc. And lately I've been feeling really good in every aspect of my life. Two months ago I realized that this break was a necessity. When you're a professional player, you stop enjoying the life, you completely forget about yourself. After all, when you play on stage, you see the fans, you feel cool, but this is only 5% of a professional's daily life, and I can’t and don’t want to do everything else.

People think I'll announce my comeback soon, but it's not going to happen. Maybe in 2 years, 1 year, 6 months – I don't know. As long as I'm looking for happiness in my life and I'm fine, there's no need to change anything. However, I don't close every door because I don't know what the future holds for me, maybe I'll switch to Valorant, maybe I'll stick with CS:GO, maybe I'll just be a content creator and do other things. I don't miss Counter-Strike, I don't miss competitive games, because if I wanted to, I would become a professional in Valorant. I had a good offer and even practiced with a team. Nonethless, as of now, I'm focused only on streaming.

In the interview, Schrub also confirmed rumors that he was working on building a new team with his ex-teammate François "AmaNEk⁠" Delaunay. According to the 26-year-old Frenchman, the project did not work out because of him, since at that time he could not take on certain responsibilities due to changes in his personal life.

kennyS ended up benched in G2 after the club decided to bring Audric "JaCkz" Jug back to the roster. Throughout 2021, the famous player has repeatedly expressed his desire to return to the competition, even if the offer comes from a tier-2 team.