FalleN: "I'm sure Imperial has what it takes to compete with top teams"

Imperial’s IGL Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo in an interview to Globo Esporte expressed his confidence that the current lineup will eventually be able to compete at the tier-1 level. According to the eminent Brazilian, the key to the future success of the team is the experience of the players.

Being on the list of the best teams in the world is a very distant goal. We are at the beginning of the journey and only hope to reach such a high level over time. This is the goal of any team. But whether they succeed is a whole different story. I'm sure Imperial has what it takes to compete with top teams. All the guys already know what the tier-1 level is, so they just need time to come back.

Is it ambitious? Yes, of course. Just think about it: if you put 50 players in a room, 5 of which were world champions and 45 were not, who is more likely to win again? I think it's the more experienced guys who were already under pressure at the highest competitive level.

In response to a question about a possible retirement, FalleN replied that he was not thinking about it at the moment. He intends to play with his current teammates for several more years.

I'll feel when it's time to stop. There were a few moments in my career when I thought about leaving, but now I'm far from it. I have a lot of fun in Imperial, so I can't give an exact retirement date. We plan to play with the current lineup for at least two years, but everything can change. Sometimes after 1.5 years you continue to perform successfully, and in this case it makes no sense to finish. Sometimes, after 8 months, problems arise. We will see how everything turns out in our case.

FalleN built his own roster after leaving Liquid at the end of last year. In mid-February, his new team was signed by Imperial.

Origin: ge.globo.com