CS:GO Update Release Notes for 15/03/2022


– Lowered window through site.
– Blocked one of the windows at top of mid.
– Raised planks on dropdown route.
– Fixed various bomb stuck spots and pixel boosts.
– New sun angle.

– Reduced window height on Heaven B-site.
– The glass window in the office is smaller.
– Moved chairs that obstructed player movement in Ice Cream (Thanks fl0m).
– Removed the Jerry Can on B-site that gave CTs an unfair advantage (Thanks HOFFI).
– Slight FPS increase across the map.
– Removed some clutter around the map.
– Increased readability on various spots around the map.
– Fixed floating props, clipping and nodraw textures (Thanks Joaokaka1998).
– Visual improvement to CT spawn.
– New radar image.
– Added callout place names.

– Further improvements to optimization.
– Added new geysers at Apartments and Lava Pit.
– Added new entrance to Lighthouse.
– Added ladder at Research.
– Spaced out the Church pews.
– Added ladder to Apartments and altered the surrounding area.
– Allowed access to Apartments balconies.
– Fixed see through walls on top of Apartments.
– Fixed small section of terrain causing damage at Lava Pit.
– Fixed many stuck spots and minor bugs (thanks chocolates & fearless).

Origin: blog.counter-strike.net