ESL bans American player for provocative statements in game chat

Tournament operator ESL has banned Matthew "nero" Seymour, a player of Valors, from all of its championships. The reason for such a decision was the statements of the American in the match against ONET4P at ESL Challenger League Season 40, which the organizers considered provocative.

In the aforementioned match between the North American teams, which took place on February 2, nero requested a tactical pause, after which he wrote in the all chat that he was distracted because his parents came into his room to say how much they love him. Walker "walker" Harris from ONET4P took this message as a deliberate insult, as he recently lost both of his parents.

The screenshot of nero and walker’s messages in the match

According to the ESL’s press release, there are no fines or suspension of the entire team for such violations of the rules, so Seymour was punished with a 3-week ban. The CS:GO community, however, demanded that the tournament operator increase the duration of the ban.

Amid the incident happened, Valors withdrew from ESL Challenger League Season 40 to then announce disbandment.