B1ad3: "NAVI have the opportunity to create their own era, as Astralis, fnatic and others did"

Andrey "B1ad3" Gorodenskiy, a coach of NAVI, believes that his team has come as close as possible to going down in the history of professional CS:GO as one of the few teams that managed to create their own era. He spoke about this in an interview on the club's YouTube channel, which was recorded before the team started competing at BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2022.

2021 was a successful year. There were some difficulties that we tried to cope with. We understand our shortcomings and how to address them. We ended the year knowing where to go next. NAVI have a great opportunity to gain a foothold as a tier-1 team and create their own era like Astralis, fnatic and others did.

When you build a roster, you can only think about the prospect of creating your own era. When you are just starting off and don't have many victories under your belt, the only thing you can do is to set goals for yourself. But once you have reached the point where you have victories and the era is already in sight, you can almost feel the taste of it.

Many teams are rebuilding their lineups. Our main competitors are Gambit and Heroic, because they have not made any changes. Virtus.pro also have their own ambitions for this year. A bunch of rosters restructured to have a chance to do something great.

Gorodenskiy also added that his team did not come back from vacation in the best shape, which is typical for the starting stage of preparation. According to him, the issues that must be fixed will become clear after BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2022.

We had a good rest. We have never had such a long vacation. Apparently, it was really necessary. The practice started very badly, but that's normal because we just started playing. We are now far from being in our best shape. Definitely, we need to play a tournament in order to understand things that need to be adjusted.

At the ongoing BLAST event, Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov's squad took last place in Group B, yet still retained chances for the successful outcome. On February 3, the team will face Liquid in the next stage of the tournament.

Origin: youtu.be