BLAST allows previously banned molotovs

Tournament operator BLAST has updated the rules for its tournament series ahead of the start of the competitive cycle in 2022. Among other things, participants are now allowed to use any molotovs, some of which were previously prohibited.

The problems with incendiary grenades were first publicly discussed during BLAST Premier World Final 2021. Then, the match between Gambit and Heroic was suspended due to the molotov, which dealt damage through textures.

Allowing any types of grenades use means that from now on, teams can also use grenades, the throwing range of which is increased when interacting with empty textures.

In addition to the change mentioned above, BLAST added a clause to the rules that allows players to use any graffiti available, and also revised the rules regarding the actions of teams during technical breaks and other breaks during matches. All these changes were implemented after consultation with professional players and other tournament organizers.

BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2022, where twelve partner teams of the tournament operator will compete, will be held from January 28 to February 6.