mertz and TENZKI announce retirement

Danish esports athletes Daniel "⁠mertz⁠" Mertz and Jesper "TENZKI" Plougmann have decided to retire from the professional Counter Strike and pursue their careers in Valorant, where they will represent Heretics.

Nordavind was the last team of mertz, where in September 2021 he was put on the bench and subsequently announced his desire to change the discipline. The 23-year-old Dane achieved his best CS results with North and Heroic, winning such tournaments as DreamHack Open Tours 2018, Games Clash Masters 2018 and TOYOTA Master CS:GO Bangkok 2018.

Throughout eight-year of the professional CS:GO career, TENZKI has represented many organizations, the most famous of which are Dignitas, SK and Rogue. His biggest achievements were victories at Copenhagen Games 2018 and DreamHack Open Summer 2018. Just like mertz, Plougmann was excluded from the main roster of Nordavind last September, after which he played for South for several weeks to finally go inactive.

Former player of MOUZ, HellRaisers and Movistar Riders Christian "⁠loWel" Garcia Antoran will join the Danish duo in Heretics. The Spaniard switched to Valorant in 2020.