Jerry: "In 2021, I could have ended up in different organizations, including Europe"

Andrey "Jerry" Mekhryakov, an in-game leader of forZe, has summed up the results of 2021 in his VK group. Among other things, the player noted that during the past year he received offers to move to international squads, but eventually decided to stay in the current team.

The Russian also expressed regret that the previous forZe roster edition could not fully realize its potential and after several years of playing together disbanded in February last year.

Honestly, this is the most exciting and eventful year for which I am grateful to my team and the organization. I started the year with xsepower, facecrack, FL1T and almazer and ended it with zorte, KENSI, Norwi and shalfey. For me, this is the first experience of that kind, because in many interviews for I often mentioned that we have great chances to break into the top-10 of the world ranking, since the roster had remained unchanged for a long time. But, as they say, we tried, but failed. <...> This year, I could have ended up in different organizations, including Europe, to be an in-game leader in international teams. But I decided to stay here and I will believe that in 2022 I can contribute to the even bigger CIS domination.

Jerry has been representing forZe since the organization entered the professional CS:GO scene in 2017. During this time, he helped the team win several tier-2 tournaments, while the best position in the world ranking was the 12th place, achieved in September 2019.