hooch: "I don't even know how could someone beat NAVI in 2021"

Dmitry "hooch" Bogdanov, a coach of Entropiq, in a video on the esportswriter Alexey "OverDrive" Birukov's YouTube channel shared his opinion on NAVI's form in 2021. The specialist outlined the high level of the team and individual play of Natus Vincere and could not name a way for any opponent to beat Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov's team this year.

When LAN tournaments came, NAVI fixed all of their problems. When it comes to their lineup... I don't even know how could someone beat NAVI in 2021. The team has a very strong coach and all the players deliver individually. Even when they had some moments of playing mediocre as a team, ther individual level... It means the mistakes that they would not have gotten away with before, now can simply be fixed on the individual level. I watched and analyzed a lot of matches in the studio. I don’t know how to explain it. Actually, I do: a very high level of play and skill. Totally deserved.

Analyzing the game of each of NAVI players, Bogdanov underlined the importance of Denis "electronic" Sharipov's role in the team.

NAVI has the best game organization, the best squad, everyone performs great on their positions. B1T is a rookie of the year and s1mple is a player of the year. Perfecto is an unreal support player. Well, electronic... That goes without saying. He does a huge amount of work and always plays the most difficult roles. Why are NAVI so cool on Nuke? Obviously s1mple with the AWP, but the key player is electronic. He doesn't have to get a crazy number of frags, but he just doesn't let the opponents breathe freely, collects a lot of information and shuts down the rounds.

In 2021, NAVI claimed eight titles of big tournaments, the most prestigious of which was PGL Major Stockholm 2021. The team also won the third season of the Intel Grand Slam, winning $1 million.

Origin: youtu.be