device: "All of these nonsense reports of me leaving the team, are exactly that, nonsense"

Nicolai "device" Reedtz, a player of NIP, commented on the recent rumors of his desire to return to Astralis. According to the Danish esports athlete, absence from recent tournaments truly has to do with health problems, while what the media is speculating about is not the case.

Hey guys, 2021 has been a tough year for so many people, myself included. Today there is new speculation as to the reason why I’m currently taking time out: I shouldn’t have to, but as it’s proving unfair on my team mates, I thought it best to offer an explanation. My mental health has taken a hammering this year, for both personal reasons and the pressure that comes with playing professional esports.

NIP and my team mates have been very understanding in letting me work on my mental well-being for the end of the year.  have been taking active steps toward recovery and am looking forward to putting in the work that will enable me to get back to the top of my game and be the best version of myself.

All of these nonsense reports of me leaving the team, are exactly that, nonsense. When anyone is having issues surrounding the health of their mind I believe that it’s imperative they’re given time and space to deal with them: and not be bombarded with falsities. I hope this serves to stop further unsettling rumours and kindly ask the media to respect my privacy at this time.

Thanks so much for your understanding and here’s looking forward to a brilliant 2022.

On December 20, and Dexerto released a joint report, which says that device is interested in leaving NIP to return to Astralis. According to journalists, this was the reason for the player's absence at the last tournaments of the Swedish team.

In early December, in a commentary to a journalist, Reedtz said that he did not consider returning to Astralis, despite the disappointing results in NIP.