Matches of NAVI became the most popular at BLAST Premier World Final 2021

According to analytical service Esports Charts, the five most viewed matches of BLAST Premier World Final 2021 consist exclusively of games with NAVI in them.

The most popular match of the tournament was the grand final between NAVI and Gambit. At the peak, there were 727,376 viewers watching the CIS derby.

On average, 306,979 people were watching the streams of the past LAN event at all streaming platforms, except for Chinese ones.

Top-5 BLAST Premier World Final 2021 matches with the highest peak viewers:

1.  Gambit –  NAVI, Grand Final (727,376)
2.  NAVI –  Liquid, Lower Bracket Round 3 (593,295)
3.  G2 –  NAVI, Lower Bracket Round 2 (589,882)
4.  NAVI –  Vitality, Lower Bracket Final (576,510)
5.  NAVI –  Liquid, Upper Bracket Quarterfinal (488,265)

BLAST Premier World Final 2021 with a total prize pool of $1 million was held from December 14 to 19 and ended with the victory of NAVI.