ave: "Our biggest issue is not the roles, but the communication"

Alexander "ave" Holdt, a coach of Astralis, in an interview to Pley.gg summed up the results of his team before the break on the professional scene. According to the Danish specialist, who joined the team during the period of drastic changes in early November, the first three tournaments for the renewed roster showed mistakes, which he will work on during the winter off-season.

At the same time, Holdt noted that he considers the distribution of roles within the squad to be successful, despite the criticism from the community. In the near future, Astralis will not make changes to the playbook, but will focus on the communication between the players.

BLAST Premier World Final 2021, where Astralis took the 5-6th place, was the last event for the team before the off-season. IEM Katowice 2022, scheduled for February 15-27, is the next tournament in the Danish team's calendar.