Lucky does not consider returning to AWP any time soon

Former main AWPer of Astralis Philip "Lucky" Ewald, who played the last three tournaments as a rifler, in an interview to said that his return to the AWP is unlikely to happen in the near future. Earlier, the player noted that the renewed roster of the Danish club is only trying out something new.

There is always the chance. Right now maybe not, but maybe in the future. Never say never.

At the same time, Ewald said that the squad has already decided on a playbook and is currently working on embracing new roles for some players.

 It has been very fun, and I have learned a lot of things. But it has also been a bit chaotic with all the things happening with roster changes and stuff. Overall I have learned so much, and I am happy for the opportunity still. We are finally finding our fitting. Now we are this team, and not a six-man roster anymore. We are still trying to figure out our roles, but now we know that we are these players and this coach, so now the real grind has begun.

Astralis’s decision to keep the AWPer switching him to a rifle role has been criticized by the community. The team believes in its approach and does not attach importance to what others have to say, Lucky assures.

There is a lot of people talking, and they have their own opinions and stuff. But at Astralis we make our own decisions, and we don't care about what the experts say. We do what we think is best for us and then we will see if it works, and usually, it works pretty good in Astralis. So I don't really listen to it.

At the moment, the main AWPer of Astralis is Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander, who is also an in-game leader of the team.