s1mple: I think NAVI can easily play Vertigo

Alexandr "s1mple" Kostyliev, an AWPer of NAVI, in a commentary to Pley.gg noted that in the future his team is planning to include Vertigo to their map pool, thereby expanding it to seven maps. According to the Ukrainian, for hidden from opponents trainings on this map, Natus Vincere might as well practice with the Junior squad.

I have to discuss it with my team first. But yeah, I think we can do it – easily. <…> I like to play Vertigo because I play it rarely. <…> To play seven maps, you have to have five maps where you’re really good, so you don’t need to go back and practice all these maps, and of course, that would be an advantage for us.

We have NAVI Junior and they know how to play Vertigo, so if we wanted to practice and not let anyone know about it, we can just play against them. So easy.

NAVI are currently continuing the competition at BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021, where they got the better of BIG in the first match. Heroic are the next opponents of the team in the tournament. The meeting against the Danes will take place today, November 25, at 17:00 MSK.

Origin: pley.gg