neL: NAVI want to add a buyback option to the m0NESY’s transfer agreement with G2

The negotiations between NAVI and G2 regarding an AWPer Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov are being protracted due to the CIS club’s desire to add a buyback clause in the deal, insider Guillaume "neL" Ratier said in a video on "1pv CS" YouTube channel.

Osipov is one of the most sought-after players during the current wave of reshuffles on the professional scene and has attracted the attention of 4-5 organizations, neL noted. Among all the possible options for continuing his career, the 16-year-old Russian wants to choose G2.

Earlier, NAVI were reportedly ready to sell m0NESY. Several teams that have shown interest in the young esports athlete intend to negotiate a transfer, not a loan, since they do not want to build their squads around an AWPer who may eventually leave.

According to insider Alexey "OverDrive" Birukov, the transfer’s amount of m0NESY, which appeared in the negotiations between NAVI and G2, exceeds $200,000.