EliGE on Liquid’s lineup: "The team is not really getting along"

Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski, a player of Liquid, in an interview to Pley.gg before the start of BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021 noted tense relations between the players inside the team.

[We didn’t practice] pretty much because we knew, that there will be changes, and it will not be a roster, that we are going to stick with. The team is not really getting along. And no, it is not me against everyone, it is internally everyone is not getting along really well.

EliGE believes that the North American team will find itself at one of the two extremes at BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021 – success or complete failure.

We are probably going to do super good or super bad. It is going to be one of the extremes just because it has been really difficult for us as a team in the past couple of weeks, which is not a secret at all. I think that we could do really well, it is not like any of us are bad, and we could definitely cause an upset for them, but they are definitely the favorites.

Earlier, Jake "Stewie2K" Yip opened up about the problems within the roster, which caused the future disbandment of the team. The American singled out the conflict between Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo with several members of the team as one of the reasons.

In the first match at BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021, Liquid lost to Vitality and were sent to the lower bracket.

Origin: pley.gg