sdy: "I’m not satisfied with my results in Team Spirit"

Victor "somedieyoung" Orudzhev, a player of Team Spirit, who was transfer-listed earlier in November, in an interview published on said that he decided to leave the team amid the unsatisfactory results. According to the Ukrainian esports athlete, he had to sacrifice individual skills in order to improve team play.

I left the team on my own will and asked to be transfer-listed. This was my decision. The organization set big goals, which the roster failed to reach, so it all came down to this.

I’m not satisfied with my results in Team Spirit. Our team did not perform the way I wanted, and therefore I had to sacrifice some aspects of my game in order for the team to get better. The problem is that it didn’t work out in the end.

Answering a question about future plans, Orudzhev said that he had already received several interesting offers, one of which was from the European team.

There are some interesting offers, but I will not disclose them just yet. I would like to try myself in a European lineup, in an English-speaking one. I liked this idea from the beginning of my career, and now one of the offers I received was from Europe.

Team Spirit announced the exclusion of somedieyoung from the main roster on November 12. Thus, he became the third player to leave the team after the announcement of the CS:GO project reboot.