ATK sign another American player

ATK, on their Twitter account, have announced that Josh "bLazE" Saunders is no longer a member of the team. The vacant place in the roster was taken by inexperienced McKinley "Cyrix" Hollison, who is already the second American signed by the South African team in the current season.

Together with bLazE, the South African squad, which moved to North America in spring, won several regional championships and qualified for ESEA Premier League. The last appearance of the former roster was at the RMR tournament IEM Fall 2021 North America, where ATK finished last, thereby losing the chance to get a PGL Major Stockholm 2021 slot.

ESEA Autumn 2021 Cash Cup 3, which will take place on October 23-24, will be the debut tournament for the 18-year-old Cyrix in ATK

Current  ATK lineup:

 Gareth "⁠MisteM⁠" Ries
 Rhys "⁠Fadey⁠" Armstrong
 Wiljahne "⁠mango⁠" Smith
 Ian "⁠motm⁠" Hardy
 McKinley "⁠Cyrix⁠" Hollison

 Daniel "⁠sprayxd⁠" Kogan (coach)