Heroic, BIG and FURIA become ESL Pro League’s partners

ESL have introduced Heroic, BIG and FURIA as partner teams of ESL Pro League. The press release was posted on the official website of the tournament operator.

BIG and FURIA got the partner status right away. In turn, Heroic will start the partnership in the second half of 2022 due to the investigation by ESIC, after which the club needs time to adopt new corporate standards.

According to the information published, three organizations have paid almost $20 million in total to join the partnership program. ESL Commissioner Alex Inglot says that this level of investment shows that new participants trust the project and see prospects for the future.

When we started this process back in March, we were inundated with expressions of interest from over 40 ventures in CS:GO, esports more generally and even those currently not operating in the space. This marked an encouraging start and we have now come to the end of our journey; with the 13 existing Members overwhelmingly appreciating the rigour and objectivity of the process, as well as the calibre of the three teams that have been approved: BIG, Furia and Heroic.

These teams and their investors have recognised the value of what we are building with the ESL Pro League project. The fact that they have put down such significant bids (with financial and non-financial components to each) shows they see real stable governance and growing value, that puts us on a par with other top-tier investment opportunities in esports or sports.

The new members of the so-called "Louvre Agreement" now have a permanent slot in the Pro League. They will also share in profits from ESL Pro Tour Series championships.

After Heroic, BIG and FURIA became partner teams, the total number of clubs cooperating with ESL has expanded to fifteen. In addition to the newcomers, Astralis, Complexity, ENCE, Evil Geniuses, FaZe, fnatic, G2, MOUZ, NAVI, NIP, Liquid and Vitality have the same status.

Origin: about.eslgaming.com