Sonic goes inactive

Aran "Sonic" Groesbeek, a player of Extra Salt, has announced a break from CS:GO on Twitter. The South African esports athlete noted that this temporary pause in competing on the professional stage is due to the recently accumulated mental fatigue.

Groesbeek has represented Extra Salt since the team was created in late 2020. During this period, the squad mainly performed in North America, where they won several regional championships. In Europe, however, the team's best achievement was the second place at Funspark ULTI 2020.

It is currently unknown who will replace Sonic in Extra Salt. Earlier, reported that former Cloud9 player Ricky "floppy" Kemery is in talks with the club.

 Extra Salt is now:

Johnny "⁠JT⁠" Theodosiou
Josh "⁠oSee⁠" Ohm
Justin "⁠FaNg⁠" Coakley
Edgar "⁠MarKE⁠" Maldonado

Tiaan "⁠T.c⁠" Coertzen (coach)

Aran "⁠Sonic⁠" Groesbeek (inactive)