Complexity manager: "Have a feeling players won't get signature stickers this major"

The players of teams that will participate in PGL Major Stockholm 2021 may be left without traditional in-game signature stickers. This was stated by the general manager of Complexity Graham Pitt.

Pitt said that Valve tends to request a digital copy of players' signatures way before the start of majors in order to have enough time to add the stickers to the game. He believes that this time the company should have contacted teams that would potentially earn slots prior to the final RMR tournaments, which had already concluded.

According to, as for now, at least a few teams from two regions have not received a request from Valve regarding players' signatures for in-game stickers.

It should be reminded that PGL Major Stockholm 2021 will be held in the capital of Sweden and will kick off in two weeks - on October 26. Detailed information on the prestigious championship can be found on our website via this link.