DreamHack Open November 2021 invitees announced

The organizers of DreamHack Open November 2021 on their Twitter account have revealed a list of invited participants for the tournament with the prize money of $100,000, which will be held online from November 10 to 14. Direct invites were given to BIG, ENCE, Team Spirit, mousesports and Complexity.

Eternal Fire, Entropiq, fnatic, forZe, Sinners and SKADE, who received slots in the closed qualifier, have been invited directly. On October 20-21, they will compete with the two winners of the open qualifier for the three remaining slots in the tournament.

List of participants in DreamHack Open November 2021:

 Team Spirit
 Closed qualifier #1
 Closed qualifier #2
 Closed qualifier #3

It should be added that DreamHack Open November 2021 is a Challenger tournament in the updated ESL Pro Tour system. In addition to the prize money, participants will earn rating points for showing up at IEM Katowice 2022 and IEM Cologne 2022.

Origin: twitter.com