karrigan: We can feel the emptiness inside because FaZe's participation in the major is no longer in our hands

Finn "karrigan" Andersen, the in-game leader of FaZe, during a press conference following the decisive stage of IEM Fall 2021 Europe, commented on the unsuccessful performance of his roster at the current RMR tournament. Answering a question from a CSGO.ru journalist, the Dane regretfully noted that now the fate of FaZe’s slot in the upcoming major depends on the results of other teams.

The parts quoted are the translation from our Russian website.

It seems like we have lost to ourselves. We can feel the emptiness inside because FaZe's participation in the major is no longer in our hands. Reaching the IEM Fall 2021 playoffs is what we had to do, but couldn’t. Now, in order for us to go to Stockholm, many factors must coincide favorably.

FaZe have finished third in Group D, which allows the squad to only claim 9th place at the end of the tournament. Trying to explain the reasons for this result, karrigan did not blame the format of the group stage with BO1 matches, although he called them unsuitable for his team.

It is hard to say to what extent BO1 matches have affected the team’s results. Perhaps, we couldn’t succeed even in BO3 matches. I’m not going to blame the tournament’s format, even though I don’t like it. It seems to be great for the viewers, but it’s not so positive for the players.

Teams with only four strong maps in their map pool have a slight advantage over those who play six. I like to pick and choose locations for certain opponents, but it is impossible to do with a BO1 format.

IEM Fall 2021 Europe takes places offline, but Andersen believes that a tournament, where teams play from separate rooms looks more like a bootcamp.

To be honest, the atmosphere at this tournament reminds me a bootcamp. Every day you are in the training room with the same computers and sit on the same chairs. The main difference is the low ping. Nevertheless, I am glad that it's offline. Online BO1 matches would be quite something.

Let us remind you that FaZe will continue to compete for places from 9th to 12th along with BIG, OG and Heroic. OG, the match against which will take place tomorrow, October 5, at 18:00 MSK, will be the next opponents of the team.

Origin: csgo.ru