Team Spirit published an interview with players and coach

The Russian organization Team Spirit conducted an interview with the team's players and coach, in which they commented on the prolonged downturn in the roster's performance, as well as talked about the preparations for the tournament IEM Fall 2021 and the prospects of qualifying for PGL Major Stockholm 2021. The video was published on the official club’s YouTube channel.

In particular, the coach of Team Spirit Nikolay "Certus" Poluyanov shared how the training process in the team has changed after the disappointing results in the past few months.

Actually, a lot has changed. We began to dedicate more time to those components of the game that we used to spend less time on; players started to work individually more. We understand what we were struggling with for probably half a year and we are trying to fix it all. Methodologically, training process is generally different, both in terms of volume and technique. There are more pracs, and their quality has also changed. The players do a lot of individual work, because, as the past tournaments showed, we were very much inferior individually in some mechanical or communication moments.

The Russian-language video include English subtitles.

It should be reminded that IEM Fall 2021 CIS, which starts on September 29, will be the next tournament for Team Spirit. The team will start the competition in the same group as NAVI, Entropiq, Nemiga, Akuma and AVE.