NAVI – OG matchup was the most popular one at BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2021

The first meeting between NAVI and OG in Group C became the most viewed match at BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2021. According to an analytical service Esports Charts, 306,073 viewers were watching the encounter at its peak.

On average, 149,751 viewers were watching the matches of the past championship at all platforms combined, except for Chinese ones. The five most popular BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2021 matches include three featuring NAVI:

1.  NAVI –  OG, Group C (306,073 ppl.)
2.  FaZe –  NAVI, Group C (299,718 ppl.)
3.  NAVI –  Complexity, Group C (295,176 ppl.)
4.  Astralis –  Liquid, Group A (275,811 ppl.)
5.  G2 –  NIP, Group B (228,928 ppl.)

BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2021 took place online from September 16 to September 26. Following the championship, NAVI, FaZe, BIG, NIP, Vitality and Astralis secured slots in the final of the BLAST autumn season. Detailed results of all three groups can be found on the tournament’s page via this link.