Jonji⁠ leaves Bad News Bears ahead of IEM Fall 2021

Jonathan "⁠Jonji⁠" Carey, the player of Bad News Bears, announced his departure from the team on Twitter. The message from the Canadian was published ten days prior to the start of the North American RMR tournament IEM Fall 2021.

Since all lineups for the upcoming tournament have already been finalized, coach Nathan "⁠madcow⁠" Retterath will temporarily replace the departed player. Due to this change, the North American roster will lose 20% of their RMR points.

In a comment to, the team representatives stated that they were not going to disband the squad due to the loss of one player. It is assumed that a fifth player to replace Jonji⁠ will be announced right after IEM Fall 2021.

It should be reminded that Bad News Bears rank eighth in the current RMR rating for North America. Only five best teams will represent the region at the upcoming major.

At IEM Fall 2021 North America, which will be held from October 5 to 10, Alan "Shakezullah" Hardeman's team will compete in Group B. FURIA, Evil Geniuses, GODSENT, TeamOne and 00Nation will be the team's opponents.

Bad News Bears lineup for IEM Fall 2021:

 Michael "⁠Swisher⁠" Schmid
 Gabe "⁠Spongey⁠" Greiner
 Alan "⁠Shakezullah⁠" Hardeman
 Paytyn "⁠junior⁠" Johnson (stand-in)
 Nathan "⁠madcow⁠" Retterath (stand-in)