REZ: Fresh CS:GO update plays into the hands of NIP

Fredrik "REZ" Sterner, the player of NIP, in an interview with the BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2021 organizers noted that his team will be able to quickly adapt to the large CS:GO update released on September 22 and take advantage of it. According to the Swede, this has already happened with other changes in the game, including the addition of new Vertigo and Ancient maps.

The parts quoted are the translation from our Russian website.

An hour after the update release, our coach THREAT has already started experimenting. He is working hard to prepare for the next tournaments. I think we'll be ready.

In the past, NIP has quickly adapted to new things in the game and new maps. When Vertigo came out, we showed a good performance on it from the get-go. The same goes for Ancient. Fresh CS:GO update plays into the hands of NIP.

Let us recall that after the release of the update, the ability to drop grenades, the wall that blocks the visibility of the middle from the terrorist base on Dust2, as well as Desert Eagle nerf and increased damage of M4A1-S were the main changes in the gameplay.